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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Piebald Deer

While I was doing barn chores yesterday, I noticed Zoey staring intently at the field across the street. I could tell by the way she was standing that she must see something out of the ordinary, and hoped it was a reappearance of the piebald deer. We spotted her frequently in the early spring, but only saw her once over the summer. Well, that's exactly what it was... a mad dash to the house for my camera, hoping she would stay around and managed to get a couple of pictures...


A piebald deer is a genetic variation that occurs in less than 1% of the white-tailed deer population. Glad to have her around. Planning to keep my camera close for the next few days in hopes of getting a better shot.
More excitement when I turned Zoey out early this AM. This time, however, it was 2 runaway goats from the Curtis farm down the street. They were headed for the highway, so I grabbed a couple of carrots and lead ropes and ran after them. Nothing like a bit of goat wrangling before breakfast!

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