Life, art, and nature on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Monday, September 15, 2014


I feel I have been a neglectful blogger of late. Been super busy and working hard on editing my photos for sale on, among other things. Also, finding it hard to stay indoors while we're having this gorgeous weather. Have a lot of things to share this week, so I promise to do better.
You know fall is my favorite time of year, cooler temps, the pumpkins, the turning leaves, and the festivals. Yesterday, we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville. As someone who has made a costume or two over the years, I am really fascinated by the intricate details of the more elaborate costumes. I have to fight the urge to approach the wearers and ask to feel the fabric and examine the seams, and content myself with taking lots of pictures.
I want his boots.
This pretty lady has the voice of an angel.
That hair!!
Love this guy! He reminds me of Toad of Toad Hall. I adore Wind in the Willows.

Many of the costumes are as beautifully detailed in the back as the front.
This lovely lady is author, Eleanor Herman, who graciously autographed a copy of her latest book.
Not all of the costumes are strictly of the period, some are downright puzzling, but that's part of the fun. I noticed a definite steam punk element this year, and as always there were bosoms. So many bosoms spilling over tightly laced corsets.
No words for these.
It was such a fun day! The entertainment was great. I did not know it was possible to "rock out" with bagpipes. It is. There was a huge selection of food and drink. Tried a Beesting, which is a mead/cider combo. Bought this headpiece for Scout, who hasn't yet decided what she wants to be for Halloween, but I'm thinking it isn't a fair maiden, judging by her expression when she tried it on. Nigel has already decided but I've been sworn to secrecy.

Huzzah, blog friends!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Can't believe how the summer has flown by. Just now, Nature is delivering a blast of heat and humidity, as if to remind us how fortunate we were to have such a pleasant July and August. 
I had set aside today to do bloggy and creative things only, but the farrier texted and wanted to come out for Abby's thrice re-scheduled shoeing, then Mike tells me that our old bedroom furniture is being picked up this morning, had to give that a quick polish. By 10:30 the day had righted itself and I was able to spend quality time with my camera.
Before I forget, as some have asked, prints of my photos and artwork are now available at Crated. com. Look to your right, at the top of the sidebar is a black "C," you can give that a click to go directly to my page. I'll be adding more work frequently over the next few weeks.
Played with one of my favorite props, the disembodied arm today, creating little vignettes to suggest a story. You know I'm a huge fan of mysteries. I was thinking to work strictly in black and white, but color kept sneaking in, as it usually does. Take a look...
Here the hand is holding a sage bundle for smudging.
I always buy old Mary Roberts Rinehart books when I see them. By now, I think I have read or own most of them.
This very old riding crop is one of my favorite things. Ever. Seriously, if we had a fire, I'd grab Mike, the dogs, and this crop.
I love this tiny rhinestone dress clip.
So, that's what I did today and I had a whole lot of fun doing it. Someone took advantage of my preoccupation and napped in the living room where dogs are not allowed on the furniture.
It's difficult to be too annoyed however, because...look at that face.
Don't you just want to smooch it?
Got to run. It's time to feed Abby, and start dinner. Lots to do over the next couple of days. The kids are coming home, including young Gus, the collie. Can't wait! Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend. XO.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The first day of school leaves Nigel feeling nostalgic. He dons a tie and spends the day in the library, reading and reminiscing about his own school days.

He's quite a good story teller, and keeps me in stitches with tales of his schoolboy shenanigans.
Eventually, all that reading and storytelling makes him sleepy.
And then...

Buh bye!
Wishing a happy and successful year to everyone headed back to school this week. Me? I'm off to sniff some new crayons. XO.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Feeling grateful today for the little things...small gifts from a generous Mother Nature.
Clematis blooming around the driftwood on the front steps.
For sparkling webs in my little woods, and for not walking face-first into this one.
Blue Jay feather.
Rogue pumpkins in the clearing.
A bumper crop of pine cones for fall decorating and a friend to help me gather them.
A tiny bee making good use of the few remaining lilies.
A handful of beach glass from last night's pedal to the river.

Butterflies on my butterfly bush.
Hope your week is filled with blessings, and the time to notice them. XO.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Took a quick road trip up to PA to see our girl this weekend, stopping for a stroll through Hershey Gardens. Want to see some butterflies and flowers?

The Butterfly House has a larvae hutch!
Did not know Cannas came in orange. I've only seen red.
After all the travelling we've done lately, we needed Sunday to catch up on chores and finally try out the new kayaks. Also, needed to do a little dog spoiling. Nigel and Scout find entertaining a house sitter exhausting work.
One's boat shoes should always match one's boat, dontcha think?
Have a great week blog friends! XO.