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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Butterflies and Flowers

It couldn't be any grayer than it is here on the shore today. And cold! 
A good day to share some cheery pics of the primroses I bought last week...

And since football is on (picture my eyes rolling back in my head with BOREDOM), I am playing with paper. Until recently, my horse feed came in shiny paper bags with a double inner layer of plain brown paper. Endless uses, given a good coat of gesso. Today I'm making butterflies on that paper with Pitt artist pens. Once I had several finished, I realized that they looked very much like pansies when arranged together in a circle. So, we're back to flowers...
Well, maybe not "very much" like pansies, but floral nonetheless. Hope your day has something cheery in it, and hope you're not having to watch football, unless of course you like it. Bless your heart!

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