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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Final Word About Christmas

A final word about Christmas and the art of giving. Is there someone in your life who just "gets you" aesthetically?  My daughter is such a person. Whether it's vintage buttons and snippets of fabric from a London market stall, old postcards, skeins of hand-dyed wool from a craft fair, she knows what I like.  In this era of the gift-card, I think that's increasingly rare. This year, she may have outdone herself because...
I ask you?  How many daughters would walk into a junk shop, see a box of severed arms, and immediately think of their mother? She's special, this girl of mine!
She was thinking I could use the arm to display jewelry in my Etsy shop. I've already photographed it peeking out from under the shed, and the shrubbery, and decorated it for New Years. The possibilities! It also features prominently in the mystery novel I'm writing in my head.
I thought the arm was pretty wonderful, but then there was this...
a Christmas ornament that she made from Sculpey, that is the exact replica of our little man, Nigel! Love!! She's a gifted giver, I tell ya. No way this little guy was getting packed away with the Holiday decorations. She captured him completely (check the right sidebar).
So, a severed arm, a Nigel ornie, and oh yeah, a new riding helmet. Anyone can buy a new helmet though, right? 
Love you, Lizard!


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