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Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Stuff

Crocheted with Wool-Ease, Thick and Quick, a lamb's wool acrylic blend from Lion Brand.
I'm in the midst of a big clean-up of my work-space and I had every intention of finishing today... but took time out to crochet this scarf because sitting on the sofa is easier than crawling around on my knees, sorting into tidy little boxes what, to my surprise, has turned out to be "millions" of art and sewing supplies.  Where did all that stuff come from, and why has the first week of January found me wanting to hibernate like a bear? Find me a nice cozy cave, stock it with leftover Christmas cookies and, I'll see you in the spring!
But it's off to the barn because unfortunately, I have not figured out a way to muck stalls from the sofa. 
When I stepped outside to take this pic, the geese were making music overhead...
...hundreds and hundreds, coming in for the night.
Hoping January finds you with energy to spare. Send some my way if it does!

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