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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Things

As it's too dreary for outdoor activities, rain mixed with a little snow and falling temps, we moseyed over to Nelson's Auction to preview what's on offer at this Monday's sale. Lots of goodies as it turns out. I always plan to go to the auction, and usually go to the Saturday preview when a sale is scheduled, but don't always have the will or stamina to get there by 5pm on the day. Seems there is always that one thing that I desperately want, that doesn't come up until way past my bedtime. I could always leave a bid in advance, but don't seem to plan that far ahead.
If you're in the area, it is definitely worth a look, as I have gotten some wonderful bargains there over the years.
For more info. and directions, go here.
Here's a peek at what made my heart sing, today...
Villeroy and Boch
French opera glasses in a leather case.
How "uptown" do you have to be, to have a monogrammed silver handset cover for your phone??
Love game plates.
Had this little transferware piece in black and sold it.  Regretted it ever since.
This would slide so easily into the back of "the Pearl."
There are 2 of these wonderful early 19th century ledgers. THESE WILL BE MINE! (she says in her big girl voice)
Missing three amigos.

There's my Monday evening planned! It may require coffee and a nap, but I will triumph! Wish me luck! Now, I'm off to do exciting things like cut the dogs' toenails, and finish the barn chores, because it will be 4 o'clock soon and, GO DUKE!!

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