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Sunday, March 4, 2012


One of the really great things about living on the mid-shore, is how easy it is go into the city when you want to. Met our beautiful offspring in Washington yesterday, for lunch and sightseeing. Just an hour and 15 minute car ride to the New Carrollton Metro station, a 20 minute train ride, and we're standing in front of the Smithsonian. Easy peasy! 
The morning started cool and drizzly, but the skies soon cleared and we had a beautiful day! While the famous cherry trees are not yet in bloom (estimated peak this year 3/17-3/24), there were signs of spring everywhere.
Took loads of photos, and if you've followed my blog at all, you won't be surprised to see a squirrel. My camera has a critter-seeking feature.  We were walking up to the National Archives, when this little guy approached. He marched right into the middle of our group, sized everyone up and stopped in front of me. Good choice, because I happened to have a dog biscuit and a horse treat in my pocket. I happen to have dog biscuits and horse treats in all my pockets. I think animals know this about me. Well, he took the biscuit right from my hand and scampered up the closest tree. Adorable!
A little lick!
Then a big bite!
From the National Archives where we viewed the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, we went in search of lunch. Really wanted to eat at Founding Farmers, but the wait was too long. It's terrific and we should have learned from our last visit to to make a reservation. That restaurant, recommended this one, Circa at Foggy Bottom, and though it was a bit of a walk, we had a very nice lunch without the long wait.
Our next stop was, the Library of Congress. Gorgeous! Then back to the Metro for hugs goodbye and home. A lovely day with my favorite people.  
Did I mention my feet are sore? Seems we walked for miles!

Library of congress.
My twenty-somethings didn't recognize a typewriter eraser!
Sculpture in front of the Smithsonian.

Hope you find a day to do a little sight-seeing with the ones you love. XO

P.S. Wear comfortable shoes!

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