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Monday, April 23, 2012


Playing with fabric again. Bought a polka-dot shirt last week, which inspired this polka-dot lady today. I crave polka-dots in spring. Is it just me?

Rescued this floral fabric from a very old dust ruffle. Got the red dots from Ikea about 10 years ago. The face is a  bit of thrift store linen napkin. Get so excited when I find this pale peachy color, then bring them home  and argue with myself about whether to cut them up or put them in the dining room. These had a bit of fringe. Love! Sometimes you have to suffer for your art.
Hope you have something fun to play with at your house. Actually, when I think of fun things to play with, I also think of puppies. Polka-dots can't hold a candle to puppies. If you run into my Mr.C., feel free to remind him of that fun fact. 

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