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Monday, May 28, 2012


Pupdate: Little Scout has gained 2 whole pounds in the 10 days or so that we've had her. She had her second shots and another worming on Sunday. It could be just me, but I think she gets a little cuter each day. What do you think?
I don't mean to imply that she's an angel. She just looks like one. Sometimes....when she's not doing this...
Then she does this...and we forgive her.
The holiday weekend was a pleasant mix of chores and treats. We trimmed the trees and briers along the pasture fence. I gave the ladies in the barn a bit of a makeover. Manes and whiskers trimmed. Threatened Zoey with duct tape, if she does not keep her fly-mask on! Mr. C. sprayed our trail for ticks. With no winter to speak of, we have a bumper crop. Finished painting the shed shutters. Pulled some weeds and so on...
On Sunday, after the vet, we took a little road-trip down to the eastern shore of Virginia. 
Scoutie is a good road-tripper.
Stopped on Chincoteague Island...
Home of Misty and the famous Pony Penning.

Checked in on the Rommel's Ace store (a bit of business for Mr. C.). Bought dog toys, cups, and pickles. Yes, I said pickles. Have you tried these? They came highly recommended and as I'm definitely a pickle person (pack anything in brine, and I'm your girl), I bought a bottle. Not disappointed! They are fantastic! Read about them here, if you're a pickle fan too, and enter their Twitter contest to win a free jar. 
Then on to Exmore, stopping again at the Ace Hardware, which has a terrific garden center. The dogs were on their best behavior, though Nigel did try to drink from all the water features and became surprisingly excited about this new friend...
Bought some pretty hanging baskets, stopped for lunch, and headed home.
Today, we went to the Masthead in Oxford for a lovely, relaxing lunch on the Tred Avon.
Lobster grilled cheese for me and fish tacos for Mr. C. 
 Moseyed over to the other side of town (a whole 2 minutes by car) to the Scottish Highland Creamery, where we had fresh peach, and blueberry cheesecake ice cream and watched the boats on Town Creek. 
More moseying, homeward this time for a little playing with dogs, catching up with email, and one of our favorite summer suppers...barbecued chicken and whole wheat pasta, tossed with pesto, toasted pine nuts, and spinach.  Sprinkle it with some parmesan cheese. Easy and delicious, as summer suppers should be.
Hope your weekend was a pleasant mix of good food, good company, and puppy breath! XO

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