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Saturday, June 9, 2012


Went to a couple of great sales today. It's been a little while since I went to a yard sale, but I'm up even earlier than usual these days (housebreaking a puppy, you know). Also, I've been inspired by the finds of friend and artist/blogger, Chris Murray, who has only recently been bitten by the flea market/junk shop bug. Check out her finds and wonderful paintings here.
First stop, St. Paul's Episcopal Church sale.
Had a nice chat with friends, Chris and Jessie, who were working the sale. Running into either of these ladies is always such a day brightener, so already I'm glad to have set out early, but also found some goodies. Bought a Staffordshire teapot, embroidered linens, a Baltimore plate and a set of small Hall Pottery bowls. FUN!
We moseyed down the road a bit to another community sale and SQUEEEE! If you frequent yard sales, you know that sometimes you see nothing but a sad bit of junk, and other times you see the treasures that make you squeal.. Today was one of those days. Found a lovely old, and beautifully rusted hanging planter, a boat paddle identical to the one we just attached to our newly painted shed. Having said, as we attached it, we really need to find another of these. Bought a red polka dot mixing bowl to use with my red Fiestaware, a street sign to add to my metal sign collection in the barn, and a PINK enamelware tub. Yes, I said pink, and I can just see it filled  to overflowing with white petunias or....a puppy. That works.
Scout checks out the loot.
Having spent our last dollar, it was time to mosey  to an ATM. Met this little family along the way...
Then home, to have a cup of tea on the patio and open the last tin of shortbread from our London trip.

Nigel attempting to levitate the biscuit tin with his eyeballs.
Not quite finished with the moseying, we set off again for a stop at the Ace hardware, a browse through Bay Country Antiques, and lunch at the Hot Spot. Hot Spot is a gourmet hot dog and beach fry place that opened about a year ago in Cambridge. Hadn't checked it out (don't usually eat red meat or hot dogs), but we'd heard some good things and decided to give it a try. Had a turkey dog that was actually very good! They do veggie dogs, as well. Also, I'm ashamed to admit we shared a milkshake. It was delicious!
California turkey dog and beach fries at the Hot Spot
Done with the moseying, it's time to do barn chores and spend some quality time with the pups. Hope you're finding fun things to do today. XO

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