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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Been doing a little furniture shopping lately, which reminded me...I took pictures of these fantastic chairs at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to share with you. Was that only 2 months ago? Seems ages. Not exactly what I'm looking for in my living room, but fun to see...
"Garden Egg" by Peter Chyczy 1968
"Paris" Andre Dubreuil 1988
Unfortunately did not get the info. on this bit of awesome-ness (it was a vacation, not a field trip!).  Looks like a hybrid of sitter and "sat-upon."
Glass Chair by Danny Lane 1988
"Oval Rotation" Felicity Aylieff 1999
"How High The Moon" Shiro Kuramata 1986-7
Art Nouveau armchair Louis Majorelle 1899-1900
Okay, I know I said chairs, but you need to see this chest(?) of drawers...
"You Can't Lay Down Your Memories" Tejo Remy 1991
If you ever get to London, and I hope you do, the Victoria and Albert Museum is not to be missed. 
Thank you kindly for enduring more of my vacation photos. Now, before you log off, take a minute to pop over to Pigtown*Design. Fellow blogger Meg Fairfax Fielding reached her 1 millionth blog visitor milestone last week. ONE MILLION! I was lucky enough to meet up with Meg in Baltimore last fall, when my little blog was a newborn baby infant. Congratulations, Meg! I'm awestruck.

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