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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It was a lovely busy weekend with our son home, a family reunion, and lunch on Monday with my Uncle John, and cousin Carol, who were visiting from Arizona. I've been stitching and painting  in every spare moment, though.  Why is it the creativity seems to flow when time is short?
Here's what I'm working on...
Acrylic, charcoal, and Pitt pen on collage background.
Same painting printed on vintage muslin and embellished with hand and machine stitching.
This was printed on old muslin which is off white, and mutes the colors a bit. They are brighter than they appear here, though. It is very overcast today, making it tough to get great pics. If you want your colors to be crisper and truer to the original painting, use a bright white. You can buy the ready to print fabric sheets in white or off-white. I prefer to recycle and like the texture and history that vintage fabrics add.
Also having fun rummaging through a big bag of sewing goodies my Aunt Vi gave to me at the reunion, and thrilled that she handed down to me, my late Aunt Dee's Pfaff sewing machine. A legacy that I will cherish and use with pleasure. Thank you!! XO

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