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Sunday, October 7, 2012


We didn't set out to be pumpkin farmers, but every year we have a rogue pumpkin vine or two. I toss my pumpkins and gourds into the woods for the wild things to eat, and as our property is well fertilized with what we refer to as "Abby's Gold,"  we often have a pumpkin-y surprise.
One year we had tiny pumpkins hanging from the trees. Really. Their little tendrils attached themselves to pine needles and climbed upward towards the sunlight. It was magical, and we would hurry out to the woods every evening after dinner to measure their progress. Someone needs to get a life, I hear you thinking.
Tree pumpkin 2010.
Tree climbing pumpkin vines 2010.
This year a single pumpkin vine grew out of one of the manure compost bins, climbed through the fence, into the pasture, and reached epic proportions...
We don't know much about pumpkin farming, but the pumpkins were large and the vine was starting to dry up, so we decided today was harvest day.
We asked Abby to help...
Drama queen.
The crop.

Does anyone know what kind of pumpkins these are?
Hope you had some good fall fun at your place this weekend. XO.

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