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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Time Flies

Well, is it just me or is time racing by? Some weeks are just a blink, with so much left undone. Early last week, I was very busy feeling "under the weather." Hot, then cold, scratchy throat, pounding sinuses. You know the kind of thing. Then I had to play catch up with chores and errands, which left no time to be creative. Grouchy. 
On Thursday, things began to look up. Felt better and our sweet almost daughter (and Zoey's mom), Alison, was home for a wedding. On Friday, our son and his girlfriend arrived (also for a Saturday wedding). We got to dog-sit for little Smash. 
His mom, Jessica, knit this hoodie for him.
Alison and Zoey
It's just the two of us today, and after yesterday's frost and chill, it was a glorious sunny 75 degrees. We took ourselves off to Blackwater Wildlife Refuge again, stopping first at Emily's Produce. You know I love a pumpkin patch and this is my new fave!! Just 5 miles from the Hyatt in Cambridge, this produce stand has lots of fall fun for kids, plus an outstanding selection of fresh and canned produce. We bought lots of tasty treats for Christmas gifts. Do not leave without sampling the Sweet Potato Bites. On the weekends, they host cooking demonstrations and tastings with local chefs, with an emphasis on locally grown. You can also pre-order a free-range Thanksgiving turkey and pies. Please check them out here.
Cinderella pumpkin. Now we know what's been growing in our pasture.
If I ever had a farm truck, I'd want it to be red, like this one.
From the pumpkin patch, we moseyed down to Taylor's Island...
On to Blackwater Wildlife Refuge. Visit them here.
The remnants of an exploded steam engine.
Oh lookee! No, Mr. C., I do not want you to pick it up for me. But thanks.
Blue heron. A frequent site in our area, but always thrilling, nonetheless.
Then home again. We took the dogs down to the river, by way of apology for leaving them all alone while we moseyed round Dorchester County...
Hope you had the chance to enjoy a bit of sunshine and outdoors this weekend. XO.

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