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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


My poor little brain is storming this week. Very inconvenient just now, with so many Christmas-y things to do. Today's great idea? Take an ORNAMENT WALK. Grab your camera, an ornament or twenty, and start walking. Along the way, stop to hang your ornaments from interesting branches. I'm partial to driftwood, so I went down to the river where Hurricane Sandy left lots of good choices. Snap a few pics, gather up your ornaments, and done!
Fresh air. Exercise. And now you have Christmas card pics that didn't require arguing anyone into a red sweater. "No time to take a walk," I hear you whining. Take along a favorite ornament while you run errands.You can snap it's picture with your smart phone in the grocery store.
Thinking outside the box here at BarnBugStudio today.
Next post: "Let It Snow." Doing things with snowmen.

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