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Saturday, December 22, 2012


I am nearly there. My halls are decked...
Yes. That's my mister's actual childhood Teddy on the top shelf, right.
A gift from my sweetie when we were 20 years old. Please don't do the math. Also, a survivor of last year's Christmas tree debacle. I don't even want to talk about it.
And yes, this is my mister's actual little baby shoe. My MIL is  a saver!
Every little nook and cranny...dressed for the Holidays.
Yesterday, I baked. Five batches of English Toffee. Two batches of date balls. A pan of walnut Blondies.
But there is still a feast to prepare for my little gang, on Christmas Eve, and baking to do for a larger family gathering on Christmas Day, so I had many errands to run today. I went to WalMart twice. I know. But, I arrived home with just enough daylight to throw the groceries in the house, grab my girl, and our cameras, and head to the river. We had to act fast to catch the sunset on this, the shortest day of the year. It was worth it. Worth it to stand at the river's edge, and let the icy wind pin my ears back, and blow the stress away.
Reasons for joy: This little pair of salt and pepper shakers that my MIL sent this week...
And...both of our children will be home for Christmas!
Hope you had a minute to stop and let the cold winter wind blow through your hair. Christmas can make you crazy! XO.

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