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Sunday, December 2, 2012


This has been a week of "getting things done," or at least having men in to get things done. Plumbers, to fix the leaky outdoor faucets, a handyman to replace the foggy windows and haul away the junk from the garage, the farriers to trim feet and put Abby's "snow tires" on. Cleaning out the garage? That was all me. How did I manage such a productive week? Our girl is home for the holidays, so I've had very little barn work to do.
We've also made time to work with the horses, play with the dogs, make cookies, and take lots of pictures. And, I am running. It has always been my policy not to run unless something was chasing me, but that girl of ours convinced me to download a running app, "Ease into 5K." Don't laugh.
On Saturday, we planned to go to Holiday Heap in Baltimore, my favorite Christmas craft sale, but at the last minute, and owing to the beautiful weather and our girl's new camera, we opted to load up the dogs and head to the beach. You can still do your Christmas shopping with the many talented vendors of the Charm City Craft Mafia. Visit their website here. It was unseasonably warm for the first day of December. A perfect day for beach combing and introducing  Scout to the ocean. First stop, Assateague Island State Park, then Assateague Island National Seashore, and a quick trip to the boardwalk in Ocean City, which was surprisingly busy.
My mister and Scout.
Interesting beach combing courtesy of Hurricane Sandy. Found several large, wooden pegged ship's timbers.
Scoutie's first horseshoe crab.

Nigel's find.
This section of the dunes washed away in the hurricane. We could see where the ocean and bay met during the storm.
Wild ponies.
Old pair dozing in the sun.
The dogs had a great time and were asleep before we left the parking lot.
Today was a pleasant mix of puttering and chores. Tried to take outdoor photos of Christmas ornaments, but clouds moved in and we lost the good light. Also, had way too much help from the cats who seemed to think we were hanging cat toys in the trees.

Hope your week was productive. Now, I'm panicking because I haven't done my Christmas shopping and December has sneaked up on me. Still waiting for those Wish Lists, offspring of mine!!

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