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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Stopped at the Farmer's Market in Easton, this morning. Then moseyed over to Harrington, for the Delaware State Fair. Let's take a look at some good things.
Glad we didn't take the dogs to the market this time, because there was this...
A lady with a four month old goose on a leash. Not sure if Scout would have been frightened or tried to eat it. Most of the dogs there seemed intimidated. Amelia, the goose, was confident and hissy with the dogs who were brave enough to approach her. Most of them cowered behind their owners.
Nabbed some lovely organic fruits and veg. and a jumbo market basket with leather handles.

Came back home to treat the dogs with bones from the butcher at the Amish Market, and set off for the Delaware State Fair in Harrington, stopping first in Greenwood for barbecued chicken at the Greenwood Volunteer Fire Dept.
You know I took pics of "all creatures great and small." Now, I'm fairly certain that I need a pig, a goat, a sheep (or two), and most definitely a goose. Or three.
These piggies were squealing and fighting over a late lunch, but it was nap time for most.

I love the newly hatched chicks and will elbow toddlers out of the way to make sure I have a turn at holding them. I'm always the oldest person at the chick table. No scruples.
Mille Fleur chicken.
Love this sweet napping pair of goats.
Goat boy.
Mmmmm...goat cheese.
Mike's favorite exhibit? The University of Delaware ice cream truck.
My favorites? Anything with hooves, wings, know how I do.
Love the little coats the goats wear to stay clean after grooming.
I always feel a little sad for the exotic animals that get trucked around to these events. 
Back home I snipped some basil, and used organic tomatoes to make a flatbread for our dinner...
Spread your favorite pesto on a flatbread. Add thinly sliced tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, a sprinkle of oregano, and bake at 400 degrees until crisp and bubbly. Top with snipped fresh basil and enjoy with a glass of red wine.
Hope you're finding lots of good things in your weekend.
I'll leave you with this bit of absurdity, so you can have a chuckle or shake your head and sigh..
Seriously, are we this stoopid?

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