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Friday, November 15, 2013


First, a bit of shameless self-promotion. Look to the right. See the black box at the top of the sidebar? BarnBugStudio has been nominated for a MOBBIE. You can find me in the Best Personal Blog category, if you haven't voted yet, and would like to, click on the black box and get it done. No pressure.
A while back, I showed you this hornet's nest that I found in our woods.
My farrier was here the day I found it, and he advised me to wait until we'd had a couple of good frosts before trying to take it down.
Last weekend, we decided the time had come. I am fascinated with its' construction, and have taken an endless number of pictures of it. 
I tied it to the fence, where Fitz was interested, but Abby, not so much.
Those are her worried eyes.
Hornets have skills! Can you believe the striations and the subtle color changes?  I want a sweater like this.
Now for the work in progress. Last week, I showed you this... layered papers, acrylic paint and charcoal.

I printed it on muslin, and started a stitch version, which I had hoped to finish, but life got in the way. Like it does.
My poor Nigel has been a little under the weather. The vet thinks he may have picked up a little bug at the Waterfowl Festival last weekend. Canine flu. Canine MAN flu. He's very clingy when he's not feeling well. Today however, he has perked up considerably, so I think he's on the mend. He's been ordered to rest, and take an anti-inflammatory. No worries, cause resting is one of his best subjects.
So this week flew by, an ailing dog, the farrier came out, the contractor came to talk about my new work room, and I had a procedure. It required a certain amount of preparation. It took a chunk out of my week. TMI. 
Hope you have an amazing weekend!!

P.S. I am so ready to stop cutting grass. It's the middle of November!!

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