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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It's time for the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap.
The task is to create a piece of artwork in postcard format, using any medium. Participants are challenged to include paper in innovative ways and this year's theme is "Create." See more info and postcards here at the DoWhatYouLove Facebook page.
Before I pop mine in the mail to my swap partner, Aisling, in Brussels, (did I mention the swap is international?), here's a peek.
Started with my photo of a church window (Old Trinity) printed on fabric, and layered old book pages, snippets of hand painted papers, quilt scraps, etc... It is quite thick, so I was limited to machine stitching for the sake of my poor fingers.
Can't wait to receive mine from Ryan. I'll show you a pic when it arrives.
It has been a busy few days, blog friends. After last week's snow we had a slight warm-up, so Abby has kept me busy with grooming chores, rolling in the mud, then napping in the sun until it's dry and crusty.
I am not even kidding when I say, I wear a face mask to brush this off. I don't want to contract "mud lung," in my old age, if that's even a thing. Not taking any chances. It can't be good to inhale that stuff.
Had the opportunity to photograph this gorgeous design project on the Tred-Avon River by Michael McGrath Interior Design.

Duke beat UNC. Go Duke!!
We have our own cheerleaders.

And of course, I stole a bit of time for Blackwater.
Great Blue Heron
Sika deer.
Great Blue Heron.
Hope your week is full of good things. We're expecting a 70 degree day here, then the temperature plummets again. Birds are chirping, trees are budding, and I'm sneezing, so spring is just around the corner. I tell myself.

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