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Monday, March 3, 2014


Over the holidays, our offspring suggested we try cross-country skiing and a plan was hatched. We chose a weekend that suited everyone and made plans for a weekend getaway to West Virginia, which is "wild and wonderful." It says so right on the license plate.

We booked a rental house in Davis, where the kids have skied before, and kept our fingers crossed that we would be able to get there and back without being stranded by a snowstorm on either end.

We couldn't have been more delighted with Doc's. It was previously owned by the town doctor and lovingly restored by the owners of Bright Morning Inn. In the mornings all we had to do was tumble out of bed and walk across the alley to the inn for the best pancakes ever.
How sweet is this kitchen?

Of course there was a back staircase.

And a vintage washer (for fun, there's a real laundry upstairs).

We had time for a quick trip to Blackwater Falls State Park.

The falls were partly frozen,

And a couple of evenings at The Purple Fiddle for music and great food. And brews. Their falafel is fantastic!

We skied at White Grass. Did I mention that Mike and I have never been on skis before? Not once. We may have left it a bit late, but we loved it. We had our extremely patient kids to help us, but there were spills. So many spills. I fell forward, backward, and sideways, but managed to avoid hitting any trees or falling in a stream, and I don't like to brag, but I believe my face-plant is a perfect 10! Go me!
What a fun place White Grass is!  We skied all morning, took a break for lunch, then hit the trails again. Anxious to go back next year. And yes, we are sore. So very sore.

Mike and I had to come home on Sunday or risk getting snowed in up there. Wish we could have stayed on another day or two with the kids, but we made it home just in time for yet another snowstorm in this winter that won't end. 

Getting away for a trip of any length can seem like so much trouble when you have animals to leave behind and provide for, but it is always worth the effort in the end. Treasuring these adventures with our grown-up children...

Hope you are someplace warm and cozy today, and hoping this is the last snowstorm of the season. I had flowers this time last year!!

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