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Friday, April 11, 2014


Although this week began with some wheel-spinning, and a loss of creative mojo, and a bit of unfocused dithering around, things are looking up.
It finally, truly, looks like spring...
It even feels like spring, now and again, which has brought Miss Mathilda out from under the "cat toaster" in the tack room, and outdoors to glare at the birds.
Yesterday, was delightful. My aunt and cousin came for a visit, and a Girls' Day Out at Blackwater. We're all budding photographers, so auntie brought some appropriate boardwalk bling...
And some goodies like this worn, but oh so lovely old quilt from her sewing room de-stash, which just happens to coordinate perfectly with the watercolor I painted earlier in the week. 
Now my stitch-y wheels are turning and I envision a fabric version. Mojo unblocked!
A camera day in Blackwater is something we've planned for a long time. We were lucky to have a gorgeous day and very obliging wildlife.
I'd never caught more than a fleeting glimpse of a muskrat before, but we were able to get quite close to a pair who rolled around in the shallow water, and nibbled on green twigs, seeming not to mind us at all.
We watched an eagle catch a fish so large that he could barely carry it, and this osprey sitting in a tree with his lunch.

A late lunch at Stoked and some shopping at Sunnyside, and A Few of My Favorite Things, and it was time to go home, to take care of my critters and dash off to photography class. 
A lovely long spring day.
Have a dandy weekend, blog friends! XO.

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