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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


After weeks of lower than normal spring temps, yesterday was HOT! And humid. Ninety degrees hot, a perfect day for the air conditioning to conk out, and a perfect day to give someone a spring bath.
Abby drying.
Of course I kept her inside to dry in front of the fan. No way was I going to let her out to roll and undo my hard work. So satisfying to see her summer coat shining in the sun.
This weather is also perfect for gardens, and brings a new bloom nearly everyday.
Anticipating an explosion of roses.
So many rosebuds!
After dinner, the temperature dropped and the wind came up, lovely to be outside and relish the cooler air. I am storing the memory to sustain me through the relentless heat of summer.
Mathilda watched me from the tack room window, her favorite perch when birds are nesting under the eaves.
 Scoutie watched for rabbits through the pasture fence.
I grabbed my bike for a pedal round the neighborhood to see what else was blooming.
Crept up on a neighbor's pond to see if the turtles were still out. They were not. So wily, those turtles. I see them from the road, but can never get a pic. They always know I'm coming.
I head down to the river to check on the osprey nest, and catch a few more blooms along the way.

The sun is setting, time to wander home.
Hope you had a chance to stop and smell the flowers at your place today. I'm going to tuck my pony in and go to bed.
Good night, moon. XO.
Good night, moon.

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