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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Feeling grateful today for the little things...small gifts from a generous Mother Nature.
Clematis blooming around the driftwood on the front steps.
For sparkling webs in my little woods, and for not walking face-first into this one.
Blue Jay feather.
Rogue pumpkins in the clearing.
A bumper crop of pine cones for fall decorating and a friend to help me gather them.
A tiny bee making good use of the few remaining lilies.
A handful of beach glass from last night's pedal to the river.

Butterflies on my butterfly bush.
Hope your week is filled with blessings, and the time to notice them. XO.


  1. Love the photos, as always. I have also been taking special note of the little things in life. Yesterday I was driving down a quiet street and saw a male quail step off the curb into the street, ushering his family (another male, 2 females and a "herd" of tiny little babes - about 15 1 1/2"-2" high balls of fluff) across the street. I sat and watched to make sure they made it across, and was so grateful to have seen it. Those are the kinds of things that keep you sane in this crazy world...

  2. Mary - I'm grateful that you shared your incredibly lovely photos with us. What beautiful blessings, thanks for sharing. xo Kim


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