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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


A great big thank you to everyone who voted for Nigel in the Hair O' The Dog Wine and Spirits doggie costume contest. He WON!! Now his mama gets a fifty dollar gift card. Drinks all around! Here's "the Nige" in his Bark In The Park tee shirt.
I am relishing these glorious fall days. On Sunday, we went for what will probably be the last paddle of the season. It was very windy, so we picked a little river that winds through trees... lovely with leaves falling all around us.
Transquaking River
I didn't know that water beads up on lily pads this way.
The roots of some of the larger up-ended trees have a definite Sasquatch-y vibe. Or is that just me?
Can you see it?
There was a beautiful moon last night.
Don't think I'll ever be too old to not be just a little excited about Halloween. Scout and Nigel, too.
Happy last week of October, and thanks again to those who voted! XO.

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  1. I can see some definite "proudness" in Nigel's attitude. Cheers.


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