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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The first days of February were bitter cold with howling winds, but ending in glorious sunsets. Mother Nature, doling out a little treat for bearing up bravely. Reflections in the ice on the river made these sunsets especially beautiful.
The groundhog may have had bad news for us, but the weekend was a taste of spring. Stayed busy on Sunday with outdoor chores. It was warm enough to take Abby's blanket off, so of course she had a good roll (or three) in the mud.
Nigel supervised, in the manner of the country gentleman he is. Leaving the dirty work to me.
We went into our little woods, I with my camera and Mike with his bush ax, to look for fallen branches. A number of wasp's nests had been shaken from their perches.
And now, this...
Has become this...
We are in the midst of an ice storm today, and as I have already had one near miss today, clinging to the handle of the back door with one hand and my camera with the other as my legs went out from under, I am planning to hibernate and cuddle with my dogs, shuffling very carefully out to the barn when need be. All this cold and ice, and we still haven't had one good snow storm. There's still time, if the groundhog was accurate.
Stay warm, blog friends. And upright, if you happen to be out on the ice. XO


  1. Mary - glad you are okay - stay steady on those feet so you can keep taking these lovely photos. No real snow in our neck of the woods yet,either. I'm not complaining! xo Kim

  2. Just beautiful as always. Happy to hear you had a bit warmer temps for a day or two. We are still waiting for our "break". :)


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