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Thursday, May 28, 2015


It was a relief to have a weekend with lovely weather and no big plans. Finally got around to some gardening. My big galvanized water trough had sprung a leak, and as I had already patched it a time or two, I decided to re-purpose it as a container garden. I don't really have the back for bending over and pulling weeds. Like most simple projects, it took on a life of its own. Mike decided we should add pavers underneath, and we would move the washtub from the shed and plant it, as well. We quickly realized that we needed more space and ordered three more tubs, found that cute blown glass solar light, added a hook for the hummingbird feeder and a hanging plant. Ordered another hook for symmetry's sake, and voila!!
I can see from this pic that fence painting needs to be the next chore.
The strawberry plants were given to me by a dear friend, and are already producing, though I'm afraid the birds have discovered them, and the trough has become a convenient fast food stop for the tenants in the martin house.

While I had my hands in the dirt, I did a few more potting chores. My flower beds are filled with perennials, so the few annuals that I plant are in containers. The perennials have expanded rapidly in the nine years we have lived here and choked out most of the weeds. It helps to have an at-home manure machine. That stuff is magic when composted with stall bedding.
Abby. Manure machine.
If you're planting a really large container such as a trough, you might want to add a false bottom to limit the amount of potting soil you'll need. In all the planters, we started with a layer of compost and added potting soil on top. It's working. These radish seeds sprouted in two days!!
Green pepper, mint, and rosemary.
Geraniums on the front steps.
When it is stinking hot and humid, and watering begins to seem like drudgery, I will think of friends on the west coast and remember to feel grateful for the privilege. For today, I am holding off, because it looks as though Mother Nature is going to take care of that chore herself.
Happy gardening, blog friends! XO


  1. How smart you are to plant your mint in a container! I was NOT that smart and lost an entire flower bed because of it! You cannot win the war with mint.....

    1. I learned that lesson the hard way too, Holly. Mint is unstoppable!

  2. Mary - Everything looks lovely - even the fence. I've been wanting to plant a large waterer like that for quite some time, perhaps some day. I can't seem to get purple martins to come to my house - happy you have some - or is it some other bird - I can't tell by the photo. Thanks for sharing. Best, Kim

  3. Thanks, Kim! We seem to have a variety of tenants in our martin house. Our blue bird house had a little family as well, but we could never tell if they were blue birds. Hope you and your husband are on the mend.


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