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Sunday, June 7, 2015


I feel a creative surge coming on, which is inconvenient, as I'm super busy just now. I wake in the night with ideas. Still have my handsome new man, Bates, at Timber Grove Farm for training. Visiting him takes a big chunk out of most days. I made the decision last week to give him a couple more weeks of training there. We are still figuring each other out, and last week's rain kept me from riding as much as I had planned. Also, in just two weeks, my guys are embarking on their father-son road trip to LA. I am calling it Mike and Patrick's Excellent Adventure. I am hoping to have Bates home and settled before they leave.
I took advantage of the wet days last week to fling some paint around and stitch. Painted a few background canvasses, and made a new version of one I've used before. This time, I printed it on flax linen, which gave it a lovely sepia tone and inspired my choice of additional fabrics.
Paint and collaged paper on art board.
Mixed-media art quilt with vintage fabric, hand and machine stitching, etc...

Yesterday, we mowed, and I spring cleaned the barn, then went to the farm and rode Bates. When I woke up this morning, I could hardly move, but two ibuprofen and a hot bath later, I was on my bike. We did thirteen miles around Cambridge, before ending up at Stoked, our Sunday place for lunch. I always pedal more cheerfully when there's a nice meal dangled in front of me. It was a glorious day to be outdoors on the Eastern Shore.

Wild roses on the roadside.
The fishing bridge.
Cambridge light house.
Oh dear.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and got to spend some time outside. It was 79 degrees here...a day to be relished. Too soon, it will be stinkin' hot. XO.


  1. Glad you're finding time to create. I know the feeling. The urge always strikes at the most inconvenient time, then when the time is there, there's always something "more important" to fill it up. I just started a post on the very same subject! I guess it's a contagious condition.

  2. I think you're right, Janet. In my case, time to create=dirty house and carry-out meals. Hopefully things will slow down and I'll have more time once Bates is home.


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