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Saturday, July 4, 2015


Happy 4th of July! 
I had the idea that Nigel and Scout would look adorable in patriotic tank tops. I didn't factor in their lack of shoulders. There were lots of out-takes.
That's actually a yawn and not her Shark Week audition.
As the weather is very iffy, we decided to do a little road trip today. Drove over to Greenwood, Delaware for barbecued chicken at the fire house...truly some of the best on the shore. We were planning a trip to Chick's in Harrington to buy horsey things after, but had not reckoned they'd be closed for the 4th, so we wandered home through country roads. Stopped for fresh produce, browsed an antique mall, running into an old friend and neighbor and wandered home to play with the horses before the rain set in. Again.
Always been curious about this little no-name church.
This small windmill is on the way to Timber Grove Farm. I've wanted to stop and take a pic for weeks. The farmhouse burned down a few years ago, but it is still a working farm. The next time I see someone there, I will stop and ask if the windmill is for sale.
No words. Only the large print is visible from the road.
Guineas on a country road.
So tempted by this. It works!!
Glad that Mike is home from the father-son, road trip to LA. Our first born is happily moved into his LA apartment and anxious to start work at USC. Mike was away for eight nights, our longest separation in thirty-five years. Happy to spend this holiday weekend puttering with him. Tomorrow is our best chance for decent weather, so we plan to get the kayaks out.
In other news, now that Mike is home, I've brought my new horse, Bates home. I had planned to leave him at Timber Grove Farm for a month of training but that turned into two months and has eaten up an enormous amount of time. Abby has fallen instantly in love with him. It doesn't help that she is in season, and kicks and hollers when I take him out of the barn.

Ashley Hopkins of Timber Grove Farm, delivering our new guy home.

Now the task is to let him adjust to his new surroundings, and start riding him here at home. Without all the travel time to and from the other farm, life should get back to normal and I can get back on schedule with BarnBugStudio.
We are trying to decide whether to hop on our bikes and ride down to the river to watch the fireworks (it just stopped raining) or nestle in here at home. The thought of soggy ground and epic numbers of mosquitoes has us leaning toward the former.
Happy 4th of July, blog friends!! XO


  1. The dog pictures are hysterical.....I hope they are handsomely reimbursed for their comedic services!

    Were you visiting Antiques Alley? We've browsed in there a time or two ourselves.

    As always, I love your photography. Welcome home to Bates!

  2. We were at Foxwell's in Easton, Holly. Hadn't been in a while and we were really impressed. Looked like they had a number of new vendors. I happened to have some leftover grilled tuna, so yes, the dogs were handsomely rewarded. Bates is turning out to be as much of a ham as Nigel, so more pics of him soon. Thanks!


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