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Friday, December 4, 2015


There is a quality of light on these late fall afternoons that is like no other. It slants in from the river and casts a golden glow on everything it touches. The last fall leaves are lit from within. Furry winter coats and whiskered muzzles wear a halo of light. I am cherishing the magic in these waning days and remembering them with my camera.
A little love note from Mother Nature.
I am at home with my camera, instead of finishing my errands in town, because my 89 year old father called, while I was shopping. "I thought I might drive up your way," he said. "I want to bring your Christmas present, it won't work until after dark." Having seen those "Star Shower" Christmas lights on TV, he bought a set for himself and two for me. Mike could have picked them up next week, but he was excited. And he is lonely, so he drove up and I came home and gathered pine cones and took pictures, while I waited for him to arrive.
Then we plugged in the lights and waited for the magic.
I am so grateful that my dad has found the strength to stay positive after the loss of my mother, to find joy in small things, to reach out when he is feeling lonely, and to focus on the light.
Wishing you golden fall days wherever you are...XO.

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