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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Things

This time of year, it is so difficult to keep a balance between the must-do's and the should-do's, and the want-to-do's. We are working on it, Mr.C and I, so today, after a morning of barn chores, and bringing the tree in to rest and let down its' branches, and bringing down all the Christmas decorations from the attic, we drove to St. Michaels for lunch and a bit of shopping. We are blessed in this area, with endless opportunities for both.

If abundant berries mean a harsh winter, we may be in for a bit of trouble!

This little cutie was scavenging corn from leftover fall decorations.
Stopped on the way home to grab some pics of this outstanding Christmas display. Apparently, a jet plane has collided with Santa's sleigh. My natural wreaths and twinkle lights begin to seem inadequate, in the face of such a display! Who has access to a jet plane to decorate their front pasture? Fantastic!

Hope your weekend was nicely balanced!

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