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Monday, December 12, 2011

Tree Disaster

Okay, let me say right off the bat, that I realize far worse things happen to people, and in the big picture, this is not technically a disaster, but for right now, and maybe the next couple of hours or so, allow me to be completely bummed! We brought our Christmas tree in yesterday and I put the lights on. Then, this afternoon, after a crazy busy morning I decorated it. It was pretty, with its thirty-one years of ornament memories. Mr.C. came home and declared it one of our best ever. At this point, I'm feeling pretty pleased and thinking I just may get everything on my to-do list finished after all. Then a sickening crash from the dining room and yes, our tree is lying on the floor in a bed of smashed ornaments. In past years, we have tied our trees from the top because we had young children, or puppies, or the tree was over-sized. Not this year. That tree was solid as a rock in its base. 
So many of our ornaments were gifts from friends, or gifts to each other, or memories of the places we've lived. I don't mind telling you, some very bad words have been said around here this evening. So now, we've cleaned up the mess, and while I type this I can hear Mr. C. (bless his heart) starting to re-decorate. As for me, I don't have the heart for it, just yet. Bah!!!! Humbug!!!!

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