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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Stitched up a fresh batch of spring bunnies, using vintage fabrics. Added a little embroidery here and there, and voila recycled rabbits! Here's a sampling...
Faded pink bark cloth with pearl cotton embroidery.
Tablecloth rabbit.

Seed sack rabbit.
Actually, these aren't the only rabbits I've "recycled." Two years ago, Nigel gifted me with these...
Petey, Pip, and Pinky
It isn't recommended that you try to save them. Apparently, it almost never works. These must have been just old enough. They survived and thrived, and three weeks later, we released them into our little woods, which is something of a rabbit sanctuary anyway. If you find a nest, please leave them be, their mother has not abandoned them. She only comes at night to nurse them, so as not to attract predators. 
And finally, just outside my front door today, the first daffodil!!!
Hope you're seeing signs of spring where you are!

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