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Friday, February 17, 2012

Wrapping It Up!

Whew! Here's a peek at what went on here at BarnBug this week!
On Monday, I went to the auction that I told you about here . Did I buy one single thing pictured? Not one. I did buy, this wonderful old, oak-framed set of whimsical hunt scenes...

Sat at that auction until 12:10am waiting for those darned ledgers to come up, before giving up and coming home. Trust me, that is waaaaay past my bedtime on a weeknight. 
Tuesday, of course, was Valentine's Day. Also the Fly Tribe's, Love of Art blog party. Check it out here.
Nothing's more romantic than a single red rose.
Had a lovely dinner with my Valentine at Mason's in Easton. Lots of happy memories in that restaurant. Especially, when the kids were young, and it was just the one poky little house! The meal was excellent, and then for dessert...
Chocolate Toffee Bread Pudding With Chocolate/Jack Daniels  Ice Cream!
That's not the best picture, but you can't really ask the restaurant staff to re-arrange their lighting for the sake of your blog. (Or can you? I'll have to think about that when I have some time).
On to Wednesday, and Abby's wonky tooth. Had the equine dentist out and discovered Abby did indeed have a cracked tooth. Fair warning these pictures won't be as appetizing as that last one. We sedated her...
You're getting sleepy, very sleepy....
The instruments of torture...
Open wide...
Our super equine dentist, Lyndsey Adams!
The horse's mouth...
Inside Abby!
Which brings us to Thursday. A day to run errands. Stopped at the Amish market for blue cheese and walnuts. Going to try and replicate the amazing endive salad that I had at Mason's on Tuesday. Also, caught up on my painting course, Bloom True with Flora Bowley. Here's a peek at one of my paintings. Keep in mind, this is only the 4th of many layers! I am trusting the process and just enjoying each step without thinking where it's going. Very freeing, actually!
And now, it's Friday! I've already cleaned the barn, had the vet out for spring shots, taken pictures for this blog post, and now I'm off on a Secret Mission. I'll just say that a certain Mister has a birthday coming up next week!
Oh! Oh! Oh! I forgot to tell you that last night, we booked flights for a trip to (insert drumroll!) LONDON!!!
So, that's my week. Glad it's Friday. Not quite sure what we're doing this evening, but I sure hope it involves a little red wine!
Have a great weekend and please, trust the process!

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