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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Thanks, Linda Kinnaman for devising a ceremony to help your fellow artists release the fears that are holding them back. Today was the day to write our fears on a piece of paper and release them into the March wind. No wind? Burning the paper was also an option. 
Me? I went to the river, but not really wanting to throw a piece of paper in, I wrote my "fear" on a clam shell. Clam shells, being only so big, I opted not to spell my fears out specifically, but they know who they are!
Since Nigel was with me, I decided to toss "fear of vacuum cleaner" in on his behalf. We'll see what happens. Any excuse to be outside in this glorious spring weather.
On the way home, we noted the first dandelions...
In another month or so they'll be taking over the neighborhood. Must learn to make Dandelion wine!
As it's almost St. Patrick's Day, Nigel paused to look for a four-leaf clover...
And then, YIPPEE! The PIEBALD deer is back! 

See her buddy on the right?
Hope your day included a nice surprise and that you'll think about tossing your fears to the wind (or in the river).

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