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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today was hoof-trimming day, so I finished the barn chores early and hung up my broom. When  the farriers came, I popped back into the house to get my camera, and when I returned, I saw this...
My broom stands alone.
Yikes! My broom is standing alone. Is it bewitched? It was very breezy. Did it blow off the rack and stand itself up in the wash-stall? Or could it be this pair of prankster farriers? Well, of course they did it! Buzzards! 
That explains how it got off the rack, and who stood it there, but what gives? I have been sweeping the barn everyday for nearly 6 years and that broom has never shown the slightest bit of independence. Something to do with "planets" they said. Planets? So I looked it up and apparently brooms everywhere are rising up and standing on their own bristles. Something to do with axial alignment as a result of the spring equinox. Really? I prefer the "bewitched" theory. I like to think that if I could only learn to twitch my nose just so, the broom would not just stand there, but would go ahead and finish the sweeping up.
More horsey business...when I was not being pranked by farriers today, I made this.
Think I may turn it into a pillow top. 
Hope you had a bewitching day and PLEASE let me hear about any strange behavior by the brooms at your place!

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