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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Happy Wednesday all. Hope you had a great Easter weekend. While our son couldn't make it, our sweet girl was here for two days. We managed to cram a lot of fun into those two days, riding, racquetball, Easter dinner with the family, and some work on the lunge line for Abby.
The white deer has begun to hang around like a stray dog, despite so many neighbors being outdoors this weekend. Took this shot on Sunday...
Met the ladies for a ride at noon today, and while I'm usually very excited to see the deer, Zoey has come to believe that she eats horses, sooooooooo the ride was a bit more exciting than I would like. The doe was very much, out and about.  Did manage to take the ladies around our, just completed, woods trail. Thank you Mr. C.! We sang our "shoo deer" song as we went, just in case. 
Worked on several small canvasses today. Completed this little pear.
4x4" mixed-media, acrylic, vintage papers, Pitt pen, charcoal
Love to stay and chat, but manure calls. Then I'm making a Chicken Hash Salad for dinner. I'll wash my hands. Promise.

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