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Monday, April 16, 2012


Busy weekend here. Made a quick road trip to Charlottesville, Virginia, to see our beautiful girl and pick up some of her things before she heads west for the summer. Took Nigel along. When he was a puppy, even short trips in the car caused "tummy trouble," so he's never been on a car trip of more than an hour or so. The vet assured us he would probably outgrow it, and suggested Benadryl.  As Nige is an only dog now, we decided to give it a try.
Well, our little man made us so proud! Charlottesville is a very dog-friendly town. He was welcomed at restaurants with outdoor seating and served his own bowl of water with our drinks.
He shopped in the Dover Saddlery store and enjoyed free dog treats. Too busy shopping in there, to get any pics!  For 10 extra dollars, he could have stayed in our hotel, but our girl wouldn't hear of it. He stayed with her. 
We took him to Petco, where he picked out a new toy and carried it up to the checkout himself.
We hiked...
Pen Park

Hiked down to the Rivanna River.

Dining on the downtown mall.
Snuggling down in the back seat of  Mom's truck for the ride home.
Are we there yet?
On our way out of town, spotted this...
Yessirree! That's the Oscar Mayer Weiner mobile. Unfortunately, it turned before I could get a better pic.
The week is shaping up to be busy as well. It's very warm today (mid 80's), so I'm doing what horse people do on the first hot day. Scrubbing ponies. Oh, they get groomed plenty in the winter months, but there's nothing like that first good, soapy, down to the hide scrubbing in the spring.
Zoey prefers to be grubby!
Squeaky clean from nose to tail!
This is Abby's "oh crap, a bath" face.
Well maybe just a little sip.
Hey, are those cookies?
They are safely shut in their stalls to dry. If I turn them out wet, they will immediately drop and roll in the dirt, undoing all my hard work. Not a chance, ladies. I wasn't born yesterday.
Wishing you a warm and sunny week at your place! XO

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