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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It was mostly cool and rainy while we were in London last week. The local's described this May's weather as "rubbish!"  We were not deterred from seeing as much as we could on foot, however. Armed with raincoats and umbrellas, we walked for miles in this very walk-able city.
While it may not have felt much like spring, it sure looked it. Blooms were abundant from parks to window-boxes. Here's a sampling of what we saw...
The Princess Diana Garden at Kensington Palace
Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Garden Walk
In Notting Hill.
Victoria and Albert Museum
Some of these pictures were taken in parks and public spaces, others I shot while hanging over garden gates. I learned that I don't mind walking in the rain when there is so much to see and I'm seeing it in the excellent company of my Mr. C. Word of caution: the fact that the British drive on the left makes crossing at street corners a little tricky. Not a problem if you obey the pedestrian signals. My otherwise excellent companion does not. Let's just say there were near misses and leave it at that.
Hope you're walking in good company and stopping to smell the flowers.

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