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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My husband is not an easily startled person. Believe me, over the course of our marriage I've tried. He remains unflappable. I, on the other hand, will spook at my own shadow. I'm a dream come true for practical jokers. Don't even ask about the plastic spider in the shower (circa 1980). He's the "Andy." I'm the "Barney."
So it's ironic that when I finally succeed in giving him a good fright, I'm not even trying. Last Wednesday, it rained all day. Stuck inside, I spent some time styling my dress mannequin (like you do). I took a lot of pictures, trying to find the best light, and eventually moved her to our bedroom. Then, I became distracted by other things. Hello, puppy who needs to go outside every 30 minutes (slight exaggeration).
I never went back upstairs. Mr. C. went up around 10, walked into our room, flipped on the light, and saw this apparition standing next to the window. HA!!

While I admit, he didn't actually scream (that would have been awesome!), he was most definitely "taken aback." I'll take it. If you knew him, you'd know that "taken aback" is as good as a spook.
Here's to the lady in vintage white! It only took a second for you to do what I've been attempting for 32 years.

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