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Friday, August 31, 2012


I apologize for the cryptic title. Having trouble concentrating. The dogs are wrestling next to me on the sofa, pausing now and then, so Scout can try to snatch my pen and lick the screen. It's still 90+ degrees outside, and I have hay in my bra. If you have horses, you understand. For those of you who don't, it's one of those facts of horse-keeping, that a pretty fair percentage of the hay you're trying to feed your horses will end up in your bra. No one seems to know why this is. Really, I've discussed it with horse people. You should see my bathroom floor after I've showered in the morning. Well, no, you shouldn't because I've been CREATING this week, and housekeeping has taken a back seat. Okay, not just this week. Anyway, hay in your undies makes you CRANKY, especially when it's 90 something and HUMID. Also apologizing for my excessive use of caps, which I tend to do when stressed. 
Where was I? I'm still collage-ing backgrounds, and turning them into quilts, plus thread-sketching.
Paper and vintage fabric with acrylic paint.
Printed onto fabric and embellished with hand and machine stitching.
Dude! Embroidered with pearl cotton.
In nature news, found this tiny snapping turtle on the sidewalk this morning.
Then, there was this little tragedy. Found a wasp killing a butterfly. He had pulled its head off. Yikes!
Under the category of "cool finds," I bought this bit of iron fencing at an estate sale this morning. Planning to make a corral for the garbage can. Actually, I'm planning to have Mr. C. plan to do it.
More nature news, we have the most amazing collection of fungi in our woods and pasture. These giants, grow to about the size of a baby's head! They are quite heavy, and if left alone, they will turn dark brown, and explode in a cloud of black smoke, if you kick them or run over them with the lawn mower (my personal favorite).

If you think that whole "itchy hay thing" was making me CRANKY, I've lost my MiFi connection  FOUR times while downloading these pictures! What's up with that?
Anyway, TGIF. I'm pretty sure it's wine o'clock!

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