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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Well now, why haven't I posted since last Friday? I have lots of excuses...

  1. Labor Day. My mister had a 4-day weekend, so there was moseying, and puttering, and lunching.
  2. We are being driven mad, MAD, I tell you, by chirping smoke alarms. We have the hard-wired kind, that cannot always be appeased by fresh batteries. There are 8 of these temperamental little devils upstairs. They chirp even after their batteries are removed, and always when we are in bed!
  3. Nigel is petrified by chirping smoke alarms.  He trembles, poor baby. He likes to do his trembling on top of me. He weighs 80 lbs. and the whole bed vibrates. When I get up, he likes to tremble between my knees. 
  4. Carbon monoxide detector. More chirping.
  5. Fall shots for horses. Large animal vet appts. can eat up a whole day. You find out the day prior, whether you are morning or afternoon, then you wait for a phone call to say they're on the way. Horses are big. They don't like shots. Zoey needs to be watched closely because she's had adverse reactions in the past. On the upside, I gave the barn a good cleaning while I waited.
  6. My Hotmail account was hacked! Someone was sending out bogus emails in my name, so I had to change my password and send emails to my contacts, letting them know I was not touting "work from home" schemes or anything else. I don't even want to know!
  7. Mowing. Okay, I think we're caught up on the rainfall now. I cannot be mowing this grass every 5 minutes.
  8. Scout. Her love of gardening was kinda cute when we were in the midst of a drought, but now we're having lots of rain, and she comes in looking like she just struck oil. 
  9. Scout. Having told everyone how lucky we are that's she's not a bad chewer, she has eaten an ink pen, and two sets of head phones for my Ipod this week. We still love her.
Today. More chirping. More torrential rain. I painted anyway. Should have lots of new things to show you soon. Just need a little sunshine to get some good pics.
Here's a little peek at something else I'm working on. This is the fabric on a new chair in my living room. Doing some redecorating. More about that later.

Hope the only thing chirping at your house is the birds. XO

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