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Thursday, September 27, 2012


As some of you already know, I bought a new camera this week. It arrived on Tuesday, but as our little Scout was spayed that day, I've been too busy trying to keep her quiet (as if), to play with it. Until today. I've posted a couple of pics on Facebook already, and one of my Fly Tribe friends, Kim Lovethelakers Hyer, suggested I do a "day in the life" post, with just pics. Thanks, Kim! So, without further ado...
A day in the life of me (with a spanking new DSLR camera). Did you just roll your eyes??

Alice. Met Alice and June and the lovely young vet tech who owns them at Bill Burton Park today.  You meet the nicest people hanging out with dogs.
Our Kitty. Aka Mathilda.
I know, ewwwwww!

Pupdate: Scout is recovering nicely from her surgery, so nicely that  the "keeping her quiet and leash walking for 10 days" is trying the patience of us both.
Okay, I may have lied a little bit when I said there would be no words. I do have to tell you how happy I am with the new camera (Nikon D5100), though I know I have a lot to learn. Should probably crack open the book that came with it, for a start. Also, tonight when I was out tucking the horses in, I was excited to hear the faint honking of geese. In the coming weeks, that will become a twice daily cacophany, which means.... I'll be able to torment you with a seemingly endless number of Canada goose pictures. You're welcome! XO

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