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Monday, September 24, 2012


Yesterday was a picture perfect fall day, so we decided to venture over to the western shore for the 36th Annual Maryland Renaissance Festival. Haven't been to the festival in a few years and had forgotten what a really fun event this is. 
Many attendees come dressed for the occasion, and the costumes run the gamut from authentic and exquisitely detailed to, "does this look a little renaissance-y?" There are lords, ladies, pirates, wenches, and an abundance of bosoms, over-spilling their bodices. Take your camera. Also, I love a man in a kilt. Not sure I realized that until yesterday.
Maybe I wouldn't mind dusting with one of these real feather dusters. Okay, I still would.

Full metal jousting.
Not too thrilled with the quality of these photos. The good news is, I finally ordered a new camera. Look out blogosphere! 
Hope you had some good fall fun this weekend. Also, if you make it to the festival you should definitely go for a frozen banana with chocolate and Nutella. Also, if you try on the custom-fitted, hand made boots, you will want them. Real bad.

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