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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Yesterday we ran errands and did winterizing chores around the barn, so today we treated ourselves to a little road trip. Moseyed over to Lewes, Delaware where we stopped at the Blue Sea Cafe. Had a very tasty portobello, roasted red pepper, and goat cheese pannini and a walk on the beach. From there, we drove to Cape Henlopen State Park to see what Hurricane Sandy had washed up. 
I have to say the Atlantic coastline, at least our part of it, seems to have fared better than more inland waters. It was obvious that the surf had recently been quite high, but there was not a lot of damage that we could see. Bits of fencing and docks dotted the beach and there was extra sand on the parking lots. Nothing like the massive amount of debris here on the Choptank River. 
Beachcomb with us...
Horseshoe crab eggs.
I thought this looked like a skeletal hand, but then I read a lot of murder mysteries. Could just be me.
Cape Henlopen.
Gruesome jelly. We found two of these. This is the underside. They were a good 15 inches in diameter and quite thick. Googled it when I got home and I believe it to be "aurelia aurita," a moon jelly.
Horseshoe crab.
A bit of wire/wood sculpture, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy.
WWII bunker at Cape Henlopen. I thought it was creepy, but that could be the murder mysteries again.

Hope you have a fantastic week, my friends, and I do so hope this nor'easter they're rumbling about is just talk. My poor sinuses can't take another major storm just now, and I'm sure those folks still struggling with the aftermath of Sandy, could use a break. 

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