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Friday, November 2, 2012


Well now, a few weeks ago, I shared a photo of the T. L. Morris Seafood Company. Located at the Gateway Marina in Trappe, its' cheery red exterior is a beacon to those crossing the Choptank river in a westerly direction. I took the picture on the night of the harvest moon, and it inspired a painting by my artist friend, Chris Murray.
I am very sad to report that it was seriously damaged by Hurricane Sandy. On Sunday evening, before the storm, Mr. C. and I took one last trip across the river for supplies, and we could see that, at high tide, it was already surrounded by water. The portions of the building that faced the river were ripped away by wind and tide. We found large chunks of the building washed ashore at Bill Burton State Park. We spied one of the freezers tossed up on the rocks between the old and new bridges. Sad.

It occurred to me today, as I took these pics, that the little T. L. Morris crab was shaking his claws at the sky and vowing to rise again (like a phoenix from the ashes, but Eastern Shore style). I so hope that's true!
Hope you have power, and fuel, and toilet paper, and every other essential thing at your house.
This was the scene from our patio this evening. I believe Mother Nature is "sucking up" in an attempt to atone for her behavior earlier this week. XO.

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