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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Just two weeks until Christmas and so much yet to be done. With the string of foggy, drizzly days we've had, my inclination is to do this...
Nigel napping.
But I am trying hard to focus on reasons to be joyful and not get too stressed about things undone.
Took a little time out from decorating on Sunday to mosey down to Dorchester County with my girl and our cameras.   A perfect day to play with the low-light settings.
The grounds of  Old Trinity Church (17th century) in Church Creek.
The marsh, viewed from Slaughter Creek bridge.
I picked up my wreaths yesterday and had a lot of help decorating them. Fitz, the catboy from the farm down the street helps me with all my outdoor activities. He loves us with a dog-like devotion. I really believe that all he wants for Christmas is to be one of us. He is not a stray cat, he's just a cat who has made a choice.
With the wreaths finished, I grabbed my clippers and Fitz and I went into the woods to gather pine branches and cones. Reason to be joyful: having a little pine woods, all one's own.
Nearly finished decorating now. So many memories come out of those boxes with the Christmas decorations, don't they? This guy makes us laugh every year.
OB/GYN Santa
My brother-in-law gave me this Santa one year. He dances and plays Jingle Bell Rock. Someone, somewhere along the way, rolled his sleeves back, and because of his hand position, he has been known ever since as OB/GYN Santa. We think, he looks as if he is about to deliver a baby or a pelvic exam. Maybe it's just me. I used to be a Labor and Delivery nurse. Family Christmas lore. That's another reason to be joyful.
Hope you are finding some joy and laughter at your house. Remember it will all get done. It always does. All the really important stuff anyway. XO.

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