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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Twelve days until Christmas. I should be doing Christmas-y things. All day. Until I'm done. But the sun (finally), and my girl, and our cameras beckoned. We'll just ride down to Dorchester County for a little while we said. Ha! We had in mind finding the rickety old bridge that Mr. C. and I happened across earlier this fall. Couldn't remember exactly where it was but I was confident I could find it. And we did, but only after going all the way to the end of Hooper's Island, which also happens to be the end of the earth, for those of you not familiar.
Found some treasures along the way. We were delighted by this little chocolate box of a church...
Unfortunately, the hurricane took down a couple of very large trees. The cemetery was damaged but the church was spared.
Saw this pair of old sea dogs cats sitting on a boat. Love their expressions. The one on the right looks as though he's been in a scrap or two. In a couple of the pics, he was squinting his right eye which made him look for all the world like Popeye. 
Saw plenty of geese, of course, lots of intriguing dilapidated buildings, and endless marsh.
A little paint? A few throw pillows?
And finally, just as my girl was concluding the bridge in question was, in fact, a figment of her mother's imagination...The Bestpitch Ferry Road Bridge over the Transquaking River.

If you're a paddler, this has been named one of the ten best paddling rivers within a day's drive of Baltimore. Also, a bird lover's paradise. Also, to my eyes very rickety, and once we had driven across in my trusty Black Pearl, and I had walked back across to take pictures, I wasn't feeling very happy about it's ability to support us. All's well that ends well, however, and we are home safe and sound.
I promised in my last post to focus on joy this Christmas. Today's joys: My beautiful girl. Home for the Holidays, and ready for marshy adventures with her Mama. Plenty of tasty leftovers for tonight's dinner, so no cooking.  A glass of wine, after an afternoon in the chilly December air.
As always, wishing you JOY. XO.

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