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Thursday, January 31, 2013


I finally got a free day to make something. I should have been tidying up my work-space, but I picked up my paintbrushes and played with watercolors instead. Haven't really worked with watercolor much but felt I needed something different to get the creative juices flowing. Chose one of my recent heron photos which was perfect, as it was taken after a light snow and is fairly monochromatic. So is my paint selection. A perfect match. I'm a chronic media-mixer though, so some acrylic, Pitt pen, charcoal and whatnot found its way in.
I enjoyed it enough to want to try again, and maybe add a few more (and better) paints. The good news is now I can torture you with my heron photos AND painterly renditions of same. I have a fabric version banging around in my brain as well. You know how I do.

Haven't tried to paint this one yet, but I love him and couldn't wait to show you...
Taken at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.
With apologies to friends and family whose koi ponds are being ravaged. I find Great Blue Heron fascinating. XO.

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