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Saturday, February 2, 2013


We woke to snow and a fierce gusty wind yesterday. Only about an inch of snow fell but the wind continued throughout the day. The dogs were happy about it.
Abby, however, lost her mind. I took my camera along when I went out for barn chores, thinking I might walk through the woods after and take a few pics, protected from the wind. The real show though, was this crazy-pants mare. With apologies for the quality of the photos. You can't hold steady in a gale force wind. Or when you're laughing. Really hard.
See that little bit of white around her eye? Dead giveaway that shenanigans will ensue.

Hold on to your hay, Ab.
Oh yeah, you're bad!
Crazy right? She did pause occasionally to grab a mouthful of hay, which the wind would snatch, setting her off again. She doesn't always behave this way in the snow, but freshly groomed, blanketed, and fed, she felt like kicking up her heels. It does this horse mama good to see such shenanigans. But only when I'm safely on the ground.
Hope you have a few shenanigans in your weekend. But wait, of course you will. It's that football thing this weekend isn't it? Dirty Little Secret: I don't watch/care about football. Now you know. I hope we can still be friends. I will be watching the Budweiser commercials on YouTube at some point because, hello, horses! Whatever. GO RAVENS!

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